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Ruian Great Wall Printing and Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd

was established in 1986, It is one of the earliest enterprises in China to develop and produce plastic flexible packaging equipment. In the 1980s,It had ability to manufacture flexible packaging ,compositing, and bag-making producing line equipment.

There are two series of products: paper packaging and flexible packaging. The paper packaging includes Auto-roll die cutting machine, Auto-roll stamping and die cutting machine, Auto-roll stamping machine. The flexible packaging keep on the advantage of the Great Wall for 35 years: High Speed servo controlled slitting machine, High speed inspection machine.

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Plastic Film Slitting Solutions

Plastic Film Slitting Solutions

There are many problems in plastic film slitting, how to control the tension perfectly? Considering the diameters of the plastic film become much bigger, cause the charging difficult and time-consuming in the unwinding part, tension controlling problem which is driven by the magnetic power in the rewinding part and the other operational problems, our engineers make a systematic study according to these cases, such as shaftless feeding , to save time and labor; choose the servo motors driving in the rewinding part to avoid the problems of tension controlling and so on.

Paper Packaging (paper Cup And Paper Bowel) Solutions

Paper Packaging (paper Cup And Paper Bowel) Solutions

Paper packaging and paper products are with the features of environmental, recycled using, low cost, and the paper packaging can pass the commodity inspection quickly, fast logistics and cost saving. As the request of environmental packaging in the international market, the demands of the paper packaging material (paper cups and bowels as the typical examples) become much bigger. Our company made a great improvement on the subject of saving paper material, it can improve the utilization rate of the material, improve the production efficiency. Donate to the environmental protection of the earth from the field of machinery company.

Medical Packing Of High Precision Solutions

Medical Packing Of High Precision Solutions

Because of the specialist of the medical packing industry, the requirement for the sealing of medical packaging is very high. According to the irregularity of the appearance of the product, the medical bag-making machine designed by our company for a well-known listed medical packing company in China has been improved in the bag-making part. On the premise of guaranteeing the beauty of the product, it can also ensure the sealing of the medical bag, which greatly improves the product quality and machine’s performance.



Automatic die-cutting machine type

The automatic die-cutting machine is that the paper feeder sends the paper to the designated position of the front gauge and the side gauge through the feeding part, and then the tooth row sends the paper to the die-cutting mechanism for secondary positioning and die-cutting...


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