1150mm Automatic Roll Stamping and Die Cutting Machine

1150mm Automatic Roll Stamping and Die Cutting Machine
1150mm Automatic Roll Stamping and Die Cutting Machine

Brief Introduction

  1. The main part adopts worm, worm gear, rotating and driving each connecting rods to complete the running. High stability and low mechanical noise.
  2. The main motor is with high quality multi function vector digital display converter, automatic speed regulation; it adopts PLC programming control technology, working precisely.
  3. With Touch panel, Chinese –English display, can realize man-machine interaction.
  4. It adopts Original imported Innovance servo motor and synchronic belt from Germany, make the machine running and transmission stable, accurate positioning, high accuracy.
  5. There are horizontal and vertical two directions for stamping, fast, accurate and stable.
  6. Can reduce the costs substantially, and improve the efficiency.





Main Technical Parameters



Stamping accuracy


Max. stamping speed

110 times/min

Max. stamping pressure

320 T

Max. stamping width of paper


Min. stamping width of paper


Suitable paper weight


Total power


Overall dimension





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