GW-1300S Servo Controlled High Speed Slitting Machine (Three motors)

GW-1300S Servo Controlled High Speed Slitting Machine (Three motors)
GW-1300S Servo Controlled High Speed Slitting Machine (Three motors)
GW-1300S Servo Controlled High Speed Slitting Machine (Three motors)
GW-1300S Servo Controlled High Speed Slitting Machine (Three motors)
GW-1300S Servo Controlled High Speed Slitting Machine (Three motors)


The machine applies to slit cellophane, PET, OPP, CPP, PE, PVC and computer security labels, electronic computers, optical materials, film roll, and foil roll, all kinds of paper rolls, film and printing of various materials. , etc

Main Mechanical Configuration:

  1. Main body unit

⑴.Machine’s main body adopts cast iron and steel structure. (Cast iron after secondary operation and setting treatment.)

⑵.Main driving roller adopts seamless steel pipe (after tempering, surface hardening, chrome plated, mirror surface, dynamic balance treatment)

⑶.Material guide rollers adopts steel rolls (aluminum alloy) and rubber roll (nitride-butadiene rubber)

⑷.  Driving mode of main body and rewind shafts adopt synchronizing wheel and belt.

  1. Unwinding Unit

⑴.Unwind unit adopts one-piece structure, shaft less feeding.

⑵.It adopts removable bracket, the moving device is linear guide.

⑶.Non-axial Air pressure and get way with Air Chuck, who is caught taking raw materials fast, easy loading, single-person operation

⑷.1 set bias adjustable device can fine tune left and right, forward and backward through hand wheel. 

⑸.Unwind tension actuator is magnetic brake power, which is from Ningxia.

⑹.EPC uses PAUSOURCE brand corrective device, it can achieve guide function by material’s edge

  1. Rewinding Unit

⑴.Shafts adopt 3 inch pneumatic fall slip shaft which is controlled by proportional valve.

⑵.Lock mode adopts pneumatic control. 

⑶.Rewind tension’s actuator is Germany brand FESTO proportional valve 

⑷.  Rewind press rollers can be provided by customers demand

⑸.  Slitting knives are controlled automatically (10 sets).  (Circle knife is optional).

⑹.  Equipped with a vacuum-type waste edge exclusion system, use the strong force adsorbs the waste edge out away. (Waster rewinder is optional)

⑺.  Equipped with a discharge rack which can provide a larger diameter of the finished product. Simple and efficient to operate and save time for the next feed.

  1. Electrical equipment unit: 

⑴.Main motor inverter adopts 1 pc Chinese brand BSD vector inverter. 

⑵.Main motor adopts 1 pc Chinese brand BSD vector motor. 

⑶.Rewind motor inverter adopts 2 pcs Chinese brand BSD vector inverters.

⑷.  Rewind motor inverter adopts 2 pcs Chinese brand BSD vector motors. 

⑸.  LPC adopts analog control. Driving by servo motor and through CCD.

⑹.  Adopts imported PLC to achieve accurate and stable control, true color touch screen display to enable simple and beautiful images. Interactive parameter setting the environment, eliminating the complicated configuration can start the job: The user pre-start only need to input the material thickness, width, density, diameter and speed parameters, and the next will be done automatically by a computer calculation to complete.

Main technical parameter:

Width of material


Diameter of material


Diameter of rewinding


Inner diameter of paper core

3’’/76mm(optional:  6’’ / 152mm)

Slitting speed


Tolerance speed


Min. width of producing


Total power




Overall dimension


Standard configuration:

Main motor driving (1 pcs)


Rewinding servo driving (2 pcs)


Touch screen


Corrective device




Main Bearing

NSK, Japan


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