Automatic die-cutting machine type

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The automatic die-cutting machine is that the paper feeder sends the paper to the designated position of the front gauge and the side gauge through the feeding part, and then the tooth row sends the paper to the die-cutting mechanism for secondary positioning and die-cutting. It is sent to the waste removal mechanism. After waste removal, the paper receiving part is entered to complete the die-cutting operation.
The technical level of automatic die-cutting machines in my country has been greatly improved, mainly in: the die-cutting speed index of advanced enterprise equipment has reached 12,000 sheets/hour. The die-cutting accuracy has reached /-0.1 ~ 0.2 mm. The automatic die-cutting machines produced by most companies are generally equipped with waste removal devices. Other companies can produce holographic bronzing die-cutting machines. Some companies can produce automatic die-cutting corrugated paper. Die cutting machine. Most of the basic components of these equipment are made of steel structure wall panels, and the machining accuracy and rigidity of the machining center are fully guaranteed. Do you want to know more about automatic die-cutting machines? The following Xiaobian will introduce the types of automatic die-cutting machines, safe operation procedures, nine advantages, common faults in indentation processing and their solutions, fault prevention methods and maintenance methods. let us see!

Automatic die-cutting machine

Types of Automatic Die Cutting Machines

1. Flatbed die-cutting machine

It is widely used at present and can be used for various die-cutting, as well as artificial semi-intelligent and fully intelligent die-cutting machines. Its die-cutting range is relatively wide, corrugated cardboard, cardboard, adhesive can die-cut rubber and metal plates.

2. Rotary die cutting machine

The characteristics of the circular die-cutting machine are that the line contact pressure is relatively small, and the production efficiency is relatively high, which is the highest among various die-cutting machines. The die-cutting method is generally divided into two types: hard-cutting and soft-cutting. A hard cut is a hard contact on the surface of the pressure roll and is easier for a die cutter. The cutting method is to cover the pressing roller with a layer of engineering plastics, so that not only a certain amount of cutting can be maintained, but also reporting to the cutter, and the material needs to be changed regularly.

3. Intermittent rotating machines

With the progress of the times and the increasingly fierce competition, the market demand is great, but there is no automatic die-cutting machine to meet this requirement. Manufacturers of fully automatic die-cutting machines, eager to open up the market, began to develop high-efficiency and energy-saving die-cutting machines. Great Wall Machinery adopts high-tech R&D and intermittent rotating machinery from Japan and Germany to fully meet market demands. Up to 12000/car, equipped with servo ink supply system, accurate ink supply, and man-machine dialogue for overprinting. It also has an advanced automatic paper feeding system that tracks and feeds paper without interruption. The uv dryer is used to automatically change the power to achieve the effect of keeping the paper unchanged and completely drying the ink at low temperature.

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Automatic die-cutting machine

Automatic die-cutting machine type

The automatic die-cutting machine is that the paper feeder sends the paper to the designated position of the front gauge and the side gauge through th...


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