Working principle of flat-bed roll die cutting machine

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The web die-cutting machine is divided into two models, namely the round pressing type and the flat pressing type.Today we will first introduce the lower flattening roll paper die cutting machine.

The flat-bed roll paper die-cutting machine is a machine that performs die-cutting and creasing by feeding the roll paper, and the flat-bed roll paper die-cutting machine is divided into two types: off-line and on-line.

Roll die cutting machine

Off-line processing

Off-line processing is to use a printing machine to print the cardboard roll, and then put the roll paper rewound on the roll machine on the paper feed frame of the die cutting machine for die cutting and indentation processing. The main feature of the off-line processing method is that the printing machine is not connected with the die-cutting and creasing machine, and is not restricted by the other party. The printing machine can be adjusted and printed with multiple die-cutting machines to cooperate with the printing machine, or increase the start-up time of the die-cutting and creasing machine;

In-line processing

The in-line processing method is to connect the die-cutting machine and the printing machine to form an intermodal machine, starting from the roll paperboard, using a printing, die-cutting and creasing process for production. This method can reduce the number of operators. However, the speed of the general printing machine is higher, and the speed of the die-cutting and creasing machine is lower. Production efficiency is affected.


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