The correct use of high-speed cutting machine

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QD-350 High Speed Automatic Segmenting Machine adopts microcomputer controlling , regulate the speed by frequency conversion, photoelectric tracking, step motor controlling fixing length system, material feeding displacement compensation tracking system, automatic counting, alarming, can set output times and so on . It is with the features of high speed, low power, high precision, stable working, reliable working, full function, easy operation and so on . The machine is suitable for roll material cutting into fixed length, tracking cutting, and it is an ideal machine of horizontal cutting for label, printed bags, printed film, hot shrink film, paper and undried adhesive products.

High Speed Cutting Machine

Correct use method

   1.  After waiting for the installation of the cutting machine, turn on the power to check whether the rolling of each part of the whole machine is flexible and whether the fasteners are loose.

   2.  Turn on the power, press the button of the host, and check whether the direction of the blade is consistent with the direction of the arrow. If it is reversed, adjust immediately. After checking, the rock sample can be clamped and cut. When the rock sample is clamped, reliable clamping points should be selected to avoid virtual clamping and false clamping. Avoid damaging the tool and rock sample due to rock movement during the cutting process.

   3.  When clamping irregular rocks, the top pressure method can be used to clamp. Clamping steps: first place the rock sample 8 on the worktable, then insert the top pressure mobile fixture 10 along the T-slot 3, select the distance between the fixture and the rock sample, lock the fixture base screw, and move the top rod up and down Bolt 13 to select a reliable clamping point, and then lock the ejector rod moving nut 11, and then rotate the ejector rod until the ejector rod tops the rock sample, and tighten the ejector rod nut 12 at the same time to avoid the ejector rod during the cutting process Loose.

   4.  When cutting the core sample, if there are a lot of rocks, you can press several rock samples with the long pressing plate attached and cut them together to improve the work efficiency. The clamping method is shown in Figure 2. The steps are as follows: Place it flat on the workbench 6, insert the pressure plate bolts along the T-slot 3, insert one end of the long pressure plate 9 into the square hole on the vertical surface of the workbench, rotate the adjusting screw 7 and the nut 10 of the pressure plate bolt, and then the rock The sample is pressed tightly. If the diameter of the core sample is slightly wrong, a thin wooden board can be added to the rock sample so that the long pressing board can be pressed to the rock sample. This method is also used when clamping and cutting shaped cuboid and cube rock samples.

   5.  When working, start the main motor first, and then press the work feed button. When the cutting starts, because the rocks are often irregularly shaped, the feed speed should be slow at this time, and the blade can be faster after all the blades enter the rock sample.

   6.  The cutting tool automatically advances and retreats. When the cutting knife moves to the end along the worktable, it can automatically retreat to the beginning and automatically stop the movement. If you need to go back during the operation, press the rewind button on the console. You need to advance during fast rewind, and you can also advance by pressing the work advance button. Regardless of cutting in or out, the cutter can be stopped by pressing the stop button. During operation, if you find that the cutter is far away from the rock sample, you can press the fast forward button (press and hold) or jog to fast forward. When the blade is close to the rock sample, release the button. Then press the work-in button again to perform a normal incision. This can shorten the feed assist time. The machine's feed drive is shown in Figure 3.

   7.  When cutting the test piece, the feed speed can be adjusted according to the rock hardness before the operation. When the feed speed is adjusted during the cutting process, knife marks may appear. When cutting harder stones according to the application experience, the speed is generally 40 mm /Min or so.


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