What are the specific manifestations and reasons for the malfunction of the automatic die-cutting machine?

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What are the specific manifestations and reasons for the malfunction of the automatic die-cutting machine?

automatic die-cutting machine
1. The indentation line is not clear. There are two situations: the first is that the die-cutting pressure is unstable or too small. Due to the wear or loosening of the parts, the stroke of the impression cylinder or the flat plate is sometimes light and heavy, and when the pressure is light. It will make the indentation line of the product unclear. At this time, the configuration should be overhauled to restore the balance of pressure; the second is that the rubber strip is too dense and thick, which will cause large resistance during combined pressure, affecting the average and stable pressure. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the appropriate density and thickness of the rubber strip.
2. The carton is skewed. Due to the uncomfortable thickness of the indentation steel wire knife and the too thin steel wire knife, it will cause insufficient pressure on the paper surface at the crease line of the printed product when die-cutting corrugated cardboard, and the paper surface at the crease when folding the carton will be Bulge due to "stacked paper", resulting in product deflection after folding. If the thickness of the die-cut product, the thickness of the steel wire knife should also be increased, so that the edge of the crease is not easy to accumulate paper.

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3. The outside of the cardboard indentation line is cracked. This is because the indentation line is too deep and the width of the indentation die is not enough. If the inner side of the cardboard is cracked, the paper fiber is broken due to the excessive die-cutting indentation pressure. The die-cutting pressure should be appropriate, and the indentation line with a slightly lower height should be used, or the indentation line should be widened according to the thickness of the cardboard board.
It can be seen from the above that the reasons for the malfunction of the automatic die-cutting machine are the above three points. As long as we prescribe the right medicine, we can easily handle the operation of the automatic die-cutting machine, and change the malfunction into normal.

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