The development trend of packaging and printing technology

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Due to changes in market demand and better improvements in equipment production performance, performance and printing quality, automation and combustion factories, digital printing, and integrated packaging and printing technologies are becoming the trend of industry technology development.


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Automation and technology

With the improvement of printing machinery informatization, automation and Niel degree, automation and clear technology and equipment such as automated warehouses, automated robots, and automated inspection machines are gradually integrating the core of product production and quality management in the industry.
Advanced printing and packaging factories in Europe and the United States have been at the forefront of automation and factory construction, and are in the direction of future industry development.




Digital printing technology

Digital printing is to input all kinds of manuscripts including text, images, electronic files, network files and other time for processing, without film output, filming, proofing or drying PS plates and other processing and time, and can directly pass through the optical fiber network A new type of printing process that is transferred to a digital printing machine for printing or direct color separation.
The operator inputs the original manuscript provided by him into the computer of the pre-press processing system according to the requirements, and performs finer adjustments on the image such as color, tone, level, etc., as well as further modification of the originality and text synthesis according to the needs. Edit the layout, and finally provide a layout text layout solution that satisfies users.
The advantages of strong personalization of printing, fast printing, fast delivery, reduced use of numbers, low cost of numbers, and resource saving. In addition, the printing and printing workflow does not require film, fountain solution, information or printing plates. Mars avoids all the solvents of the graphic phoenix, effectively reducing the degree of harm to the environment and catering to the industry trend of green printing.




Integrated packaging and printing technology

High-performance, advanced energy-saving and environmentally-friendly equipment is gradually becoming high-performance, energy-consuming large-scale production equipment. Technical and multi-purpose integrated packaging production equipment is gradually decomposing technical equipment and functional packaging.
Integration can realize the automation and continuity of glazing, hot stamping packaging, embossing, die-cutting, indentation and box pasting, etc., a great packaging, printing and packaging production cycle, and production efficiency, which can be more positive in the market. Gradually and adaptable requirements have become the trend of future industry development.


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