Rewinding machine failure and troubleshooting solutions

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At the beginning of the article, let's first understand what a Rewinding Machine is. The rewinding machine is a kind of equipment that specializes in rewinding and slitting paper, film, and mica tape. It rewinds the paper roll produced by the paper machine, and then it can be made into finished paper. Because the rewinder uses AC drive instead of DC drive, it has its own development trend in the paper machinery industry.

Automatic High Speed Inspection and Rewinding Machine
However, in all factories with Rewinding machine, it is impossible to be equipped with dedicated maintenance masters. Some small factories may not hire maintenance masters because of the cost, so what should be done in case of mechanical failure. Today we come to understand some simple troubleshooting knowledge, which can solve some simple problems.

1. The governor does not display

  • At this time, first check the network cable between the power supply, the MCB, the speed controller and the inverter to rule out whether the connection is normal. If any damage is found, please contact the manufacturer for replacement in time.
  • 2. If none of the above problems occur, it should be that the governor is faulty, and you need to contact a professional for operation.

2. The coil is not tight during operation

  • Check the unwinding tension controller and turn it on
  • Without pressing the reset button: just press the reset button on the two tension controllers at the same time.
  • The tension of the unwinding tension controller is too small: only need to increase the output current of the unwinding tension controller.
  • In addition, if the tension controller fails, please contact the manufacturer in time.

3. The rewinded paper is wrinkled

  • The initial viscosity of the adhesive is low, and the surface tension of the composite substrate film is insufficient.
  • Check whether the anti-wrinkle bar is unbalanced or too low.

4.  the coil is not collected properly

  • First observe whether the bearing is damaged. Normally, abnormal noise is accompanied by the damage of the bearing. At this time, it needs to be replaced in time to prevent damage to other parts.
  • The original coils are not neat: arrange the original coils to ensure that the original coils are neat and can be operated.


The above problems are simple and easy to repair, but for some difficult maintenance, it is still necessary to choose professional maintenance personnel to prevent secondary failure of the machine.
If you believe us, you can contact us and we will reply as soon as possible. While helping you, we are also improving ourselves.

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