Operating procedures of automatic stamping machine

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The automatic stamping machine is a unique printing process that does not use ink. The process is mainly the process of hot stamping the dotted aluminum foil onto the surface of the substrate under a certain temperature and pressure using the principle of hot-press transfer.
Today, I will explain the operating procedures of the automatic stamping machine, so that everyone can have a simple understanding of the automatic stamping machine.

automatic stamping machine

  1. I. The operator must be professionally trained, and a hot stamping machine unit is required to operate. Do not use inexperienced personnel.

  2. II. Operation steps

    •         1. Connect the machine to the power source, and test the machine for idling and parking.
    •         2. Finish the bronzing plate, heat the bronzing paper, adjust the plate and adjust the spacing of the parts that need to be bronzed.
    •         3. The first piece must be confirmed by the department head before it can be processed.
    •         4. After completion, turn on the machine to clean the fuselage and surrounding waste.

  3. III. Matters needing attention

    •         1. The machine and its surroundings must be inspected before starting up, and the surrounding obstacles must be removed in time.
    •         2. After receiving the order, you need to check the content of the order and the pre-requisite information yourself, and you must ensure that the goods are processed, and you must not add other goods without authorization.
    •         3. Self-inspection should be done carefully during processing. If in doubt, report immediately to ensure quality and quantity, and complete it smoothly.
    •         4. The temperature of bronzing or silver bronzing is generally 100°C~140°C, and it is not allowed to adjust the temperature arbitrarily.
    •         5. The speed and direction of the turning tool should be mastered when the machine is cutting.
    •         6. When storing, it should be cubed, pressure-proof, moisture-proof, exothermic, and sun-proof, and kept in a cool and ventilated place.
    •         7. After the machine is operated, be sure to turn off the power, wait for the temperature of the machine's stamping plate to decrease, and then clean the machine and its surroundings. Do not use dangerous objects to wipe the body during cleaning. So as not to cause unnecessary danger.
  4. IV. personnel norms

    •         1. The staff of the bronzing machine needs many people, and all of them have received relevant training. The team leader is responsible for supervising the safety of other team members. Every time you start work, check the personnel: you must wear work clothes and neatly, no items in your pockets, and watches and other decorative items should not be worn to prevent items from falling into the machine.
    •         2. Without permission, the non-stamping machine unit is not allowed to start the machine without authorization. When operating the machine, the assistant or apprentice should work under the guidance of the senior.
    •         3. When the machine is running, the crew should strictly guard their posts according to the division of labor, and always pay attention to the operation of each part of the automatic stamping machine. If a problem is found, immediately report it up, and then the crew leader will make a solution to the machine failure to minimize the loss .
    •         4. During homework, no one is allowed to laugh or play around the bronzing machine. If found, the crew leader should immediately step forward to stop it.
    •         5. When the machine is shut down for a long time, it is necessary to turn off the main power switch.
    •         6. Automatic stamping machine requires regular inspection, maintenance and repair of the machine.

The above is a brief description of the machine. Everyone needs to operate the machine under the premise of ensuring their personal safety. If there is anything you don't understand, you can contact us, we will reply you as soon as possible and give you a good pre-sale service. In ensuring that some of the information you need will play an excellent role in your purchase of machines.

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